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The Best Rates with Flexible Dates!

Are you a Traveler with flexible arrival dates? Can you pack up and go anytime? Don't mind booking your vacation for a last minute deal in the Disney Area?

Introducing the Vacation2Florida Flex-Rate Program, an industry exclusive!

What is the Flex-Rate Program? Vacation Rentals sometimes have "spaces", this is when one renter checks out and another renter checks in three, four or six days later. This space sometimes stays vacant so we at Vacation2Florida.com have created this program for the last minute, flexible traveler! Vacation2Florida.com will provide you with homes available along with pricing and you can choose which home to book. By inquiring to the Flex-Rate Program, we will reduce the regular nightly rates by 10% - 45%! MASSIVE SAVINGS!!!!

Here is how it works: Simply click the inquire button below and you will be added to the first come first serve availability que. Once your information is pulled, our staff will do their best to find a home that best suits your party and then contact you with our Best Rate. You can elect to accept or pass on the offer. Note that if the offer isn't accepted within a 2 hour period, your inquiry is removed from the que and the next person receives the offer. Please read our terms and conditions below before inquiring.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Applying for the Flex-Rate Program is not a booking until Vacation2Florida LLC confirms a home as booked. There is a 3 night minimum stay.

  • The offer must be accepted within a 2 hour period within the time stamped email or the home is released back to public offering.

  • The following Blackout dates apply 12/20 - 1/6 and 3/1 - 4/25 every year.

  • Inquiries must arrive within 4 weeks of request. Guests inquiring greater than 4 weeks of arrival time will not be considered.

  • Your inquiry is a request only. Guests are able to accept or pass on the offer.

  • There are no refunds for any reason once a payment is made. We recommend purchasing travel insurance should you see a need.