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Posted: 2nd Feb 2017

Unfortunately, one of the ongoing nightmares of renting a vacation home, no matter what part of the world you are visiting, is being sure that you are paying for an actual home and that the home is not double booked upon your arrival.

Vacation2Florida management receives numerous calls each year of people arriving to their vacation home that cannot get in the home or the address not existing. Our latest call was as recent as last week. A guest that had reserved the home 1 year prior through a 3rd party booking agent, arrived to the home to find the home booked with another party. How and why does this happen?

Let's start at the beginning. The renter, simply starts their search online. Most likely they started at google or any search engine and types in a keyword. The keyword brings up 4-6 paid advertisements of many different companies. These companies can virtually be anyone as long as they pay google the cost to be up there. They see a heading they like and click through, find their home and then inquire online, receive a price and availability, then reserve if it meets their criteria.

TIP: when reserving a vacation home, if the website you are visiting does not have a calendar link to view availability this is a red flag and it is in your best interest to find another website to reserve from. This usually means that this company does not directly manage the home and has to call the property manager for availability.

In this case where the renter has paid in full and arrived at the home had no idea what happened behind the scenes in that year. The home owner decided to change property managers during that time as it is their right to hire whoever they want to oversee their home. The old property manager failed to alert the booking agent that originally reserved the home that they no longer oversee the home. The booking agent doesn't know the home has a new manager and sends the renter a confirmation with check-in instructions. Ultimately what happened in this case is the renter had to call the booking agent and tell them they can't get in the home and the booking agent had to find them a different home. This is a horrible situation after waiting 1 year to take the vacation in the home you personally chose that met your criteria perfectly.

TIP: when shopping for a vacation home online, be sure the website has a live availability calendar and take the extra step to call the company and ask if they directly manage the home.

Online booking sites like Homeaway, Airbnb or VRBO provide thousands of vacation rentals worldwide by property managers and homeowners. These are reputable sites but do they have accurate online calendars. Always contact the contact on the ad and if there is no phone number to contact, move to another listing. We recommend calling the number when in doubt.

The main reason to book your vacation rental with a property manager directly is because they have accurate calendars and double booking is unlikely. Also, if they no longer oversee a home that you have reserved, they will contact you and alert you immediately.

Be sure to use these helpful tips before you reserve your next vacation home and visit us online and reserve your next home is a licensed property manager.

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Posted by: Logic Replacement
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