We Manage the Homes We Rent!
Why is this important?

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How do I join Vacation2Florida? Am I locked into any long term contract?

Joining is simple and no cost to transfer. Our program is simple and you are not locked in - ever! We do not ask for deposit escrow accounts or “transfer”/ “new member” fees. If you are considering signing up with a company that demands “sign on” or “transfer” fees, or contracts that charge you ridiculous fees for canceling, don’t bother! After all, if they are charging you those, wait until you are “locked” into one of their contracts. Vacation2Florida has no startup fees OR termination fees!

Will Vacation2Florida charge me a commission if I book the home myself?

You earned the booking so why pay us for them? We encourage owners to place bookings into their home(s). We understand you have a mortgage. We treat your renters the same way we treat our own.

I do not know anything about renting my vacation home by myself. Will Vacation2Florida teach me how to advertise and rent my home?

YES! How many management companies will even train to rent your home by yourself? We want your home to rent and we will even give away our winning secrets to get that home rented!

How do I know my property will be cared for?

Unlike other companies Vacation2Florida inspects the properties when a guest checks out. We also perform inventory on electronics and look for damage to the home. If there is damage to the home we charge the renter, not you! Ask yourself, have I been charged for a DVD player when the home had one? The big companies don’t check the homes upon a departure, they simply don’t have the time. Have a video game system? We even inventory the games!

Will Vacation2Florida guarantee the amount of weeks my home is booked?

This is the biggest misconception in the industry. If a manager is promising you so many weeks or if their income analysis looks to good to be true it is. Don't be fooled thinking because the manager has 200+ homes that they are going to rent your home better than a smaller company like us. How do we know this? Because ALL companies are using the same booking engines. All companies will generally rent your home well. The true way to search for a manager are these 2 things, are they affordable? Will they do a good job maintaining the home? This is it, affordability and maintenance. Contact us if you are thinking about hiring a large company, let us show you the booking engines we use and the booking engines they use! There is no difference. If your home has numerous amenities included in the nightly rate, such as a gameroom and/or free wifi combined with an aggressive nightly/weekly rate, your home will rent well.

Will Vacation2Florida pay/process my monthly utility bills?

Vacation2Florida does not offer this service. This is one reason our costs are low. We are a simple company with low overhead. This allows you the owner to view your own utilities and manage them wisely.

Will I have to pay a monthly fee to be on your website?

No. We charge a one-time website fee of $699.00. This also includes LIFETIME placement on HomeAway.com while under our management.

What services are included your monthly management fee?

This is the highlight that seperates us from the large companies. Our Flat Fee System. Competitors have massive amounts of overhead starting with nice office space, fleets of vehicles and so much more. They have to charge owners for little things like replacing a bulb or dispatching a worker. With our system, it's all covered and there are no surprise statements each month. The management plan covers the overseeing of your home and 24hr phone service in case of emergencies, all replacement batteries (including smoke detectors, LED lightbulbs, numerous other services as noted in the prior page. Our utility saver program, where we adjust your thermostat, water heater and fridge when the home is vacant and shut off pool heat upon departure. The pool service covers maintenance, chemicals, vacuum and filter cleans. The pest service covers interior spray. The advertising plan pays for your rental to be marketed worldwide via the internet. The advertising is crucial to maximize exposure of your home. We even include service calls! If you are with a company that charges service calls or "call outs" each month, these can add up, but not with us! Best of all, the superior service you get from a small company.

What if there is a problem while a guest is staying in the home?

Vacation2Florida has contact instructions in every home where the renter can contact us at anytime. Even better, all guests are prompted to download our mobile app! Guests receive video "how to" tutorials on how to use amenities like pool/spa and theaters! If they still need help, they can submit a trouble ticket right from the palm of their hand! EXCLUSIVE. We provide an informative book in the home as well as information and safety signs throughout the home free of charge. We encourage you to provide your renters with our contact information so you are not bothered with phone calls should they happen during their stay. This service is included in our management fee. We try to make all guests vacation to Florida the very best.

Is pool heat turned off immediately following a checkout?

YES. We do not leave your pool heat on all winter like other companies. If your electric bill or gas bill skyrockets in the winter, it is simply because your pool heat stays on when a guest checks out. This is caused by neglect from your management company.

What keeps Vacation2Florida from becoming other companies or the industry norm?

Vacation2Florida is an exclusive first come first serve management company. We are a family owned business and we do not accept every villa. Sometimes there are waiting lists. What this provides to you the owner is a promise that we will not grow too big and become “those” companies. This also keeps our overhead nonexistant and in turn your costs low. We guarantee this in our contract, we are not aware of ANY company in the area that promises this in their contract.

Why are my monthly expense statements from my current company so high?

Simple. You are being fleeced and you do have a choice to switch. Contact us with your current statement and let us review it, we will tell you where you were fleeced and how we would have handled the charges.

I just purchased a new home, I am new to all this, tell me your costs compared to the other companies.

Please have a look below and see the difference in price and services. Everything we do is inhouse, why pay a middle man?

Monthly Vacation2Florida Management Industry Norm
Management Fee $300.00 $249 +
Pest Control INC. $10-$100
Pool Service INC. $85+
Call Out Fees INC. $75+
Advertising INC. $100 - $1000+
A/C Filters INC. $25+
Batteries/Bulbs INC. Charges
Admin Fee NONE $100 +
Escrow Deposit NONE $1000 +
Transfer Fee NONE $500 - $1500+
Commission 15-20% (zero for owner bookings) 15-25% + 4%-10% Owner bookings
2 Websites $699 - One time Charge! $10-$25 per month

Don’t see your question, email us at info@vacation2florida.com