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"Reinventing Property Management...One Home at a Time"

How are we reinventing the Property Management business? Simple, by offering a single, flat monthly fee to oversee your home. While other property managers charge for this and that, Vacation2Florida offers this industry exclusive system and members, "Love it!"

When shopping for a manager for your vacation home, stay away from the manager that says to you, "we book the most, we will get you more bookings than the other company." When it comes to bookings, all property managers are the same, they will all get you the same amount of bookings. The reason for this is that they all use the same booking engines today via the internet. The trick to finding the right property manager is to choose the company that you believe can maintain the home at an affordable price. When you have found your company, don't worry about bookings...they are ALL going to get you the same amount. Our main suggestion is to avoid companies with 100+ homes...they cannot maintain your home properly, they simply do not have the time nor the manpower. You may hear from someone that refers a larger company that, "they have the money to invest in marketing your rental, they have the infrastructure to gather more bookings." However the simple fact is that no one will share is that the large companies use the same booking engines as the smaller companies...a little known secret.

We are currently accepting 5 and 6 bedrooms homes in ChampionsGate. We have a 6 month waiting list for managing all 7 and 8 bedroom homes. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact us Why is there a waiting list? We grow gradually by choice, there is no company in the Disney area that has a waiting list. The industry norm is "the more homes, the better" and this is why good companies ruin their reputation.

Vacation2Florida is a licensed, local family owned business, insured and bonded. Our goal is to provide you with services that you can trust, be your eyes and ears while you are away and to provide the public with a clean, safe vacation home. We operate our business by trusted principles and values. We will provide you professional service and will assist you by teaching you how to book the property to supplant our bookings which maximize your overall sales and return on the investment. We even feature an our own app, currently an industry first and we expect others to follow. This app provides major marketing advantages for your investment, learn more about our app here 

Call or email us at any time for additional information or to ask how we can help you meet your investment goals, whether it is with a new investment rental home purchase or with an existing property you may have.

View our ChampionsGate Homes for Sale page to learn more about this fantastic new development. 

Our Flat Monthly Fee Includes the Following:

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