We Directly Oversee the Homes We Rent

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We Manage all of the homes we Rent! Be careful when you reserve your vacation home, if the agent that you reserved your home through does not directly manage the home, a double booking is very likely! Many advertisements for Vacation Home Rentals are handled by third parties such as booking agents. Booking Agents have no direct ties with the Property Manager. A Property Manager controls the availability calendar, cleaning and maintenance of the home. We believe it is of greatest interest to the renter to deal directly with a Property Manager to ensure security of your vacation home. Vacation2Florida.com is a licensed Property Manager with the State of Florida.


All of our homes include Dishwasher Detergent and Trash Bags for your entire stay! A Vacation2Florida Exclusive! Why spend money on these items when you can't take it with you. We want you to use your money to have fun!

  1. Our pricing is very competitive and you receive a fantastic, luxury home at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Large Global websites like Airbnb, Homeaway and VRBO charge you a service fee to book with them.  This can result in extra charges of several hundred dollars!  Book with us direct and avoid these fees.  

  2. ALL of our homes feature FREE WIFI, most of our homes provide FREE calls in the US and Canada! This will be noted in the amenity section.

  3. Transparent Website viewing, all of the homes on this site feature actual photos. We even provide photos of where each room is located in the home! A Vacation2Florida Exclusive! We also provide "reality viewing", actual video footage of each home with no trick photography! Another Vacation2Florida Exclusive!

  4. No Checking In at an Office - have a long flight and just want to get right to your home and not drive to the property managers office? With Vacation2Florida, we provide you entry instructions on your confirmation so the home is ready for check-in time, proceed directly to the home and start enjoying your stay!

  5. Crisp, Pressed Linens! A Vacation2Florida Exclusive! While all companies clean their linens onsite in the residential washers, our Linens are cleaned a pressed offsite just like the hotel industry.

  1. Licensed Company with the State of Florida - Thousands of people each year are scammed when reserving a vacation home. They plan months, even years ahead. They arrived to their vacation rental to find that it doesn't exist. Always reserve with a property manager that is licensed with the State of Florida. You can verify Vacation2Florida on the State website HERE

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