Reunion Resort Property Management Information

Vacation Home Management in Reunion Resort

We have the area's Premiere Luxury Management System

A debt free, low overhead Property Manager is an important factor when selecting the right team to oversee your home. It is important that a Property Manager have a sound, strong financial background to maximize efficiency. You won't find our company with a fleet of maintenance trucks and vans. Extravagant Offices? not interested, who ends up paying for all of this overhead? Our company does not own any vacation homes, if a Property Manager owns a vacation home, guess which home will be rented first. Vacation2Florida manages all the homes they rent! You won't find vacation homes on our website that we do not directly manage!

When shopping for a manager for your vacation home, stay away from the manager that says to you, "we book the most, we will get you more bookings than the other company." When it comes to bookings, all property managers are the same, they will all get you the same amount of bookings. The reason for this is that they all use the same booking engines today via the internet. The trick to finding the right property manager is to choose the company that can maintain the home at an affordable price. When you have found your company, don't worry about bookings...they are ALL going to get you the same amount. Our main suggestion is to avoid companies with 100+ homes...they cannot maintain your home properly, they simply do not have the time nor the manpower. You may hear from someone that refers a larger company that, "they have the money to invest in marketing your rental, they have the infrastructure to gather more bookings." However the simple fact that no one will share is that the large companies use the same booking engines as the smaller companies...a little known secret.

We take Security Deposits on all bookings! The majority of companies today take whats called "damage waiver", basically a sort of insurance that covers the guest damage up to a certain amount. Why do we avoid this method and why is it important to take security deposits on all bookings? Guests will treat the home 100 x better if they know there is money they want back. Our homes are left in much better condition than the managers that accept damage waiver. Damage Waiver = Worn Down  -  Homes Security Deposits = Well Kept Homes

***We have recently started accepting Estate Homes in Reunion due to popular demand! Inquire within to learn about our Estate Home Management Program for homes of 4500-12,000 sq ft. We are Reunion's Finest Property Management System for Estate Homes.

When you hire a company with 100+ homes in their portfolio....just think of the overhead they have to cover each month. This overhead cost is passed along to you...if you like paying the $90 "Call Out" fee for a problem, stick with the big companies. ALL of our current owners will provide a reference...please ask! 

Vacation2Florida has 1 flat management fee! Don't pay your current manager $25 per month for an a/c filter or $35 per month for pest control, we include everything in a 1 flat monthly fee. We don't finish there, no commission for an owner placed booking and our rental commission is just 15%! Don't fall for the manager that states, "our commission is 20% because we market your home more than the other managers" 

Our Management fee includes the following:


  • Advertising
  • Weekly Pool Service
  • Biweekly Security Inspections
  • Departure Inspections
  • 24 Hour Emergency Guest Services
  • Lightbulbs, Batteries and smoke detector batteries
  • Utility Saver
  • Interior Touch-up Paint
  • Interior Pest Control
  • Excess Garbage Pickup
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • A/C Filters 

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