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"Reinventing Vacation Home Management...One Home at a Time" 

How are we reinventing the Property Management business? Simple, by offering a single, flat monthly fee to oversee your home. While other property managers charge for this and that, Vacation2Florida offers this industry exclusive system and our current members, "Love it!" When shopping for a manager for your vacation home, stay away from the manager that says to you, "we book the most, we will get you more bookings than the other company." When it comes to bookings, all property managers are the same, they will all get you the same amount of bookings. The reason for this is that they all use the same booking engines today via the internet. The trick to finding the right property manager is to choose the company that you believe can maintain the home at an affordable price. When you have found your company, don't worry about bookings...they are ALL going to get you the same amount. Our main suggestion is to avoid companies with 100+ homes...they cannot maintain your home properly, they simply do not have the time nor the manpower. You may hear from someone that refers a larger company that, "they have the money to invest in marketing your rental, they have the infrastructure to gather more bookings." However the simple fact that no one will share is that the large companies use the same booking engines as the smaller companies...a little known secret.

By keeping our company small, we are able to keep overhead non-existant which in turn provides you with low operating costs and more money in your pocket. Fleets of company vans? NOPE. Fancy Offices? NOPE. Expensive Print Ads? NOPE. We are proud to be a debt-free company, we don't believe in waste. If you were promised so many rentals per year or low monthly fees and that promise is not being met, give us a call to discuss our service. A refreshing change is always a nice start.

Vacation2Florida does not own any of the homes it manages. If your property manager owns a vacation home, guess who's home will get booked first. Vacation2Florida manages all of the homes listed on our site, you won't find vacation homes on our site that we do not directly manage!

Please inquire with us if you would like a rental matrix showing you exactly how much you can rent your home for each week. We will provide you with estimates so you know how well your home will rent. Profits will depend on location and how nice the home is.